The Western Sea War

The Western Sea War was a bloody conflict between the Empire of Sagos and the Bloodwater Alliance, a loose confederation of various pirate groups from the Western Sea. Pirate ships had posed a nuisance to trade between the Imperial cities for years leading up to the conflict. Extra warships were deployed with trade freighters to help ensure the security of the crew and cargo. Pirate attacks intensified despite the added precautions.

Patriarch Ambrose Godalming ordered the creation of special anti-pirate task forces to be formed by the navies of the coastal cities. These forces began to hunt down and eliminate pirate vessels all across the Western Sea. In response the pirates, under the banner of the Bloodwater Alliance, made a bold strike at Respite Reef. The city was caught completely unprepared and was captured by the Alliance. Blockaded from support by the rest of the Republic, Sapphire Cove was soon to fall as well.

The Patriarch declared a state of emergency and urged the Architects of all thirteen cities to send their forces to recapture the lost territory. Pirate forces continued to rally to the Bloodwater Alliance from far across the Western Sea. An Armada unlike any ever seen in Sagos bombarded the city of Yanes’ Rest, burning it to the ground and bringing a grinding halt to the Republic advance. Enemy ships surrounded the city of Awehaven, in what would become one of the longest single battles of the war. Combat around Awehaven lasted for nearly three weeks. During this time the Architects unanimously voted to name Ambrose Godalming as the first Emperor of Sagos, granting him the power to unite the forces the thirteen cities into an Imperial military.

The combined might of the new Imperial navy was enough to break the siege of Awehaven. High Admiral Abraham Carrow pursued the retreating Alliance fleet south toward Respite Reef, but were unable to completely destroy the Armada before reinforcements halted the Imperial advance. Admiral Carrow’s fleet suffered heavy losses and was unable to crash the blockade and liberate the two captured cities.

The new Emperor sought aid from the dwarven kingdoms north of Frostwall. The dwarves sent a detachment under the command of General Braddok Stormhammer, a revered tactician and a paladin of Kord, the battle-god. Under the guidance of the dwarven general, the Imperial army was able to recapture Respite Reef and send the Alliance forces running. They holed themselves up in Sapphire Cove while the Armada was repaired and resupplied. The Imperial army laid siege to the city, but could not force the Alliance out while the Armada was still operational and able to bring supplies and mercenary warriors from across the sea.

Eventually High Admiral Carrow devised a bold plan to cripple the Alliance Armada. Seven Imperial warships were loaded down with gunpowder and, when the wind conditions were just right, sent sailing right into the heart of the Armada surrounding Sapphire Cove. Imperial wizards detonated the rigged warships, devastating the Armada. General Stormhammer swiftly led the Imperial army into Sapphire Cove and liberated the city. The battered forces of the Bloodwater Alliance retreated back across the Western Sea.

The War was won, but the Empire had suffered heavy losses. The Imperial navy had been gutted by the conflict and trade across the sea was crippled due to the pirate attacks on trade vessels. Soldiers on the ground had fared better than their naval counterparts, but civilian casualties were high. The entire city of Yanes’ Rest was leveled by the bombardment, and Awehaven had suffered damage that would take years to recover from. Smiths from the dwarven kingdoms graciously agreed to help the Empire rebuild its fallen cities and warships.

The Western Sea War

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